BSV Scaling Test Network Sustains 128MB Blocks for 36 Hours

A new milestone was achieved recently on the Bitcoin SV Scaling Test Network with continuous 128MB blocks over a period of 36 hours. The test ran from about midday on the 7th of March through to midnight on the 8th. 246 blocks were produced during this period and each one was 128MB large. The blocks contained 89 million transactions with an average size of 354 bytes each. This equates to 700 direct cash transactions per second over the entire period, a remarkable achievement that demonstrates that Bitcoin, as originally designed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, can scale to meet the needs of global use.

The BSV Scaling Test Network is an initiative of Bitcoin Association’s BSV Node project, developed by nChain with funding from CoinGeek; transaction volume is generated by the Satoshi Shotgun team. The global public network is continuously loaded with transactions to enable Bitcoin SV development teams to test their applications and systems under heavy load. The Bitcoin SV Node implementation development team also uses this network to measure performance of the Bitcoin SV Node software and validate optimizations and improvements. Use of the network has produced vital data and information which is being used to guide further improvements to the Bitcoin SV Node software, preparing the path for 512MB blocks this summer and 2GB blocks by the end of the year.