The Genesis second beta version – released

Second beta release for the Genesis release. Testers are encouraged to upgrade to this version of the software.

List of changes since beta1


  • Parallel Block Validation.
  • Enhance tests for Parallel Block Validation.
  • Common Genesis activation code and command line option.
  • Uncomment parts of functional tests that was depended on other now complete code.
  • Enable validation of non-standard txns (on MainNet) when Genesis is enabled.
  • Set mempool default = 1Gb.
  • Remove block size from user agent string .
  • Change default tx fees (default txfee = 0.5 sat/byte, default minrelaytxfee = 0.25 sat/byte)
  • Update SPV bloom filters re attack mitigation.
  • Rename acceptp2sh to acceptp2sh_ashashpuzzle.
  • Improve performance of prevector deserialization.
  • Remove the limit on the number of CHECKSIGS per MB of block space.
  • Provide unit tests for LimitedStack/vector.
  • Change logging messages to be more precise.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix: Validating non-standard transactions can lock up a node for more than a minute.
  • Fix: Tx validation uses original reject message and ban score is used
  • Fix block send queue overflow
  • Fix undefined behaviour in bsv::deserialize
  • Fix bitcoin-cli help getblock
  • Fix build: Configure should fail when it can’t detect boost
  • Set the execute bit on all the new Genesis functional tests.
  • Fix MedianTimePast
  • Fix: Nonfinal transactions with no inputs is rejected with incorrect reason.
  • Fix memory leak in asn1_integer
  • Fix boost::optional warnings
  • Fix: When validating mempool transactions, a reject message is sent if the high priority queue times out.
  • Fix: does not get included in packaged source