Optional upgrade before the Genesis Hard Fork

This new release is an optional upgrade to version 1.0.0. It is not required to upgrade to this version before the Genesis hard fork. It is required to upgrade to version 1.0.0 or higher before the Genesis hard fork. This release includes several improvements, the most important being:

  •  reduced memory requirements for the RPC interface when responding to “getrawtransaction” and verbose versions of “getblock” for large transactions. Platforms that integrate with the Bitcoin SV Node implementation and retrieve large transactions will benefit from this improvement.
  •  Upgrade the database format for storing blocks > 4GB

The full list of v1.0.1 enhancements and fixes below:


  •  Update Windows build instructions for VS 2019
  •  .vscode added to .gitignore
  •  Misc document changes for Genesis
  •  Switch to disable replacement (non-final) transactions
  •  Policy limit on size of transaction inputs
  •  Change default for maxtxnvalidatorasynctasksrunduration from 60 seconds to 10 seconds
  •  Orphan txn size of 10MB should also be accepted
  •  Provide -invalidateblock CLI switch
  •  Optimize getblock/getblockrawtransactions for large transactions
  •  Upgrade database format for larger blocks (> 4GB)


  •  Fix: BSVRD-593 – accepting headers for Block 1
  •  Fix disconnect pool limit overflow
  •  Fix: autotools build system uses default compiler version gen
  •  Fix unit tests that are failing because of the change in JSON formatting
  •  Fix: lshift_big_int and rshift_big_int failing on windows