mAPI v1.1 Release

mAPI v1.1 Release

The latest release of mAPI introduces a number of changes in preparation for further scaling. A feature of particular interest to high volume mAPI users is the ability to more efficiently batch transaction submissions together in one request.

This upgrade also includes numerous improvements and service hardening. These include decoupling mAPI from bitcoind, where possible, so that even when the Bitcoin node is overloaded (during a stress test for example), mAPI will continue functioning smoothly without any hiccups. 

Changes detailed:

– Add new API endpoint to submit multiple txs  (

– Add functionality to listen on a node’s ZMQ

              – avoid querying the node over RPC on every API call 

              – add new blockchaintracker package

– Return the txid in queryTransactionStatus response

– Service hardening, refactoring, and dependency upgrades

              – inject the git tagged version into the binary dynamically (also in docker image)

              – more detailed input validation on different types of txs (with new version of libsv in SubmitTransaction.go)

              – bug fix should a tx be supplied with an invalid previous tx index

              – move server into own file in the handle package

              – add more comments to exported types

To download mAPI version 1.1 click here