Genesis – 1.0.0 Stable Release

The Bitcoin SV Node team released version 1.0.0 of the Bitcoin SV Node implementation today. This upgrade implements the Genesis Upgrade which will activate on the 4th of February and is a required upgrade. This stable release has undergone extensive QA testing and has had two beta releases.

The Genesis Upgrade is scheduled to take place on the 4th of February. In preparation for this upgrade, all installations of Bitcoin SV must be upgraded to this release by the 4th of February.

An important feature in this release is that two consensus parameters must be manually configured or the software will refuse the start. These mandatory consensus parameters are:

  • excessiveblocksize – this parameter defines the maximum sized block that the software will accept. This is a consensus parameter and blocks that are larger than the value of this parameter will be considered invalid.
  • maxstackmemoryusageconsensus – this parameter defines the maximum amount of stack memory that a script can consume during evaluation. Scripts which use more memory than the value of this parameter will fail, causing the transaction to be considered invalid. This is a consensus parameter and is applied during block validation.

The values chosen for these mandatory consensus parameters will depend on the use-case for the software and it is strongly recommended that operators of this software understand the implications of these configuration parameters. Full information on these configuration parameters can be found on the site. These mandatory consensus parameters can be defined in the configuration file or as parameters to the bitcoind executable.

The focus of this release has been the Genesis Upgrade. For more information on this upgrade, please see the Genesis Upgrade pages. In order to enhance the security of the software in the context of this upgrade, there have been several improvements to the scalability of the software, including Parallel Transaction Validation and Parallel Block Validation.