Bitcoin SV v0.1.1 released

The Bitcoin SV Node team released version 0.1.1 of the Bitcoin SV Node implementation today.
This update to the software continues the Bitcoin SV focus on massive scaling, delivering
crucial capacity and performance increases to transaction propagation. Such improvements
include faster relaying of transactions to enhance the security of Instant Transactions, larger
network messages to handle higher volumes of transactions, and increased parallelization of
network communication.

The scaling-focused changes in the release have all been researched and tested in the private
Gigablock Testnet which is now being relaunched publicly under the new name: Scaling Testnet
(STN). More information on the STN can be found at .

Opening up the global Scaling Test Network to other participants in the Bitcoin SV ecosystem
provides an environment for verifying the scaling capabilities of existing solutions and
researching scaling technologies. It features a continuous flow of transactions with rates
reaching 700 transactions per second. The advances included in the new release of the Bitcoin
SV Node have been used on this network to achieve consistent 64MB blocks, delivering
sustained rates of over 300 transactions per second measured over a period of 24 hours.

The release has been managed using the team’s enterprise-class development, release, and
quality assurance processes, providing additional assurance on the quality of the software

Some changes of note include:

  • Transaction propagation over P2P network
    • Removal of random delay
    • Parallelization of inventory-handling code
    • Increase in size of inventory messages
    • Increased max protocol message size – BSVRD213/1
  • Addition of the Scaling Test Network
  • Update DNS Seed servers to exclude BCH network
  • Large invalid block messages cause ban instead of disconnect
  • Optional logging of transaction sources
  • Various bug-fixes

Source code is available on the bitcoin-sv github and the signed binaries are available here.