Bitcoin SV Node v0.2.0 released

The Bitcoin SV Node team released version 0.2.0 of the Bitcoin SV Node implementation today. This update to the software continues the Bitcoin SV focus on massive scaling, delivering a new API to support mining massive blocks and including support for the Quasar Bitcoin SV protocol upgrade that is scheduled for July 24th 2019. The Quasar Bitcoin SV protocol upgrade will increase the maximum acceptable block size from 128MB to 2GB.

The release has been managed using the team’s enterprise-class development, release, and quality assurance processes, providing additional assurance on the quality of the software delivered.

The new mining API is a big step forwards towards mining massive blocks on the Bitcoin SV network. This API is based on the work of Andrew Stone and Johan van der Hoeven and was subsequently collaboratively updated by nChain with input from mining professionals. The API removes the impact of the size of the block on mining operations, providing a fixed size header to the mining equipment regardless of block size. The design also removes the need for wallet capabilities to be included in the Bitcoin SV node implementation, which will enable significant performance improvements. This API will form the foundation of future improvements to the mining functions of the Bitcoin SV Node implementation while maintaining a stable API which miners can integrate into their systems.

Changes of note include:

  • new mining API
  • support for Quasar upgrade
  • change of the license to Open BSV license
  • default maximum OP_RETURN size to 100kb
  • default transaction relay delay to 150ms
  • upgrade to C++17
  • removal of support for 32-bit and ARM architectures
  • cleanup of defunct code – magnetic upgrade activation, ABC forced obsolescence

Source code is available on the bitcoin-sv github and the signed binaries are available here.