Bitcoin SV Node software – Upgrade to v1.0.11 Release

Version 1.0.11 release is a recommended upgrade from version 1.0.10; This new version introduces changes to fee configuration options and various bug fixes.

Content details listed below:  

  • Changed Option Name -blockmintxfee
  • Bloom Filters Disabled by Default
  • Removed options
    • –dustrelayfee
    • -dustlimitfactor
    • -minrelaytxfee

Changed option name -blockmintxfee to -minminingtxfee

Note that setting -minminingtxfee is a mandatory setting. The option -blockmintxfee has been removed. Setting it will emit a warning in the bitcoin logs. To repeat the default setting from the last release a miner needs to configure –minminingtxfee=0.00000500 (i.e. 500 Satoshis).

Bloom Filters Disabled by Default

Support for filtering transactions based on bloom filters on the P2P interface has been disabled by default. This technique is inconsistent with scalability and should not be used.

To re-enable the feature set the option -peerbloomfilters.

Removed options -dustrelayfee, -dustlimitfactor

These options have been removed. The dust threshold is now hard coded to one Satoshi per transaction output.

Note that blocks containing transactions with dust outputs (i.e. outputs with a zero Satoshi amount) will still be accepted.

Attempting to set these options will have no effect other than a warning message in the bitcoin logs.

Removed option -minrelaytxfee

This option has been removed. The mempool will reject incoming low fee transactions based on its dynamic rejection fee algorithm.

Attempting to set this option will have no effect other than a warning message in the bitcoin logs.

Binaries and source code can be downloaded here:


Should you have any support questions, please direct them via or via telegram at

Thank you for your continued support of Bitcoin SV.