Bitcoin SV Node software – recommended upgrade to v1.0.4

Version 1.0.4 is a recommended upgrade to version 1.0.3; it contains performance hardening changes to improve stability under high network load conditions.

Note: that if the minimum mempool size is now less than 30% of the default mempool size, the node will not start.

Here is a full list of v1.0.4 changes:

  • Increase default script cache size to improve performance with large blocks
  • Optimise frequent malloc calls in GetOp2
  • Reduce the number of orphan transactions during PTV processing.
  • Minimum mempool size must be at least 30% of default mempool size.
  • Windows build; Separate running tests from C++ build.
  • Fix: P2P stops sending data under some circumstances
  • Fix: formatting of floating point number in log messages
  • Fix: Missing debug flags in CMake
  • Fix: P2P getaddr returns very polluted results
  • Gitian build fix: instruction[_iterator].h location in
  • Fix race condition in
  • Fix: bug in thread pool tests
  • Fix: Failing unit tests in debug on develop branch
  • Remove excess physical dependencies (#includes) on script.h
  • Implement caching invalid signatures
  • Ban nodes that violate the `maxscriptnumlengthpolicy` policy setting

To download v1.0.4 click here