Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – Jan 9, 2019

The new year has started off with a big bang (or block) for Bitcoin SV (BSV)—the biggest yet in the history of public blockchains: on January 3rd, at block height 563638, a block the size of 103 MB – containing 460,400 transactions – was successfully mined by Mempool on the BSV chain. With over 700 transactions per second, Bitcoin SV has processed several multiples of the average capacity managed by PayPal. Yes, Bitcoin (SV) scales—on-chain!

The record block helped mark the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block, and further confirms BSV is the rebirth of the original Bitcoin, designed to preserve Bitcoin’s fundamental design and fulfil the Satoshi Vision.  The new year has ignited a focus on scaling to build the enterprise-friendly blockchain – with a stable, scalable, secure, and regulation-friendly platform for businesses to confidently build upon.

Along with scaling capacities, the Bitcoin SV ecosystem continues to grow at a rapid pace. Here’s a summary of some of the past week’s developments from around the world.  Working together, we can bring the Satoshi Vision to life — to create the world’s new money and the global public ledger for the world’s enterprises of the future.

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President, bComm Association & your friendly BSV Global Ambassador

New BSV Logo

On January 3, 2019 – the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block – we announced a new logo for the Bitcoin SV token, and are recommending its usage.  A modernized update of the cryptocurrency’s classic logo, the new design reflects Bitcoin SV’s roots, while leading a new era for Bitcoin to professionalize.

▪ The B symbol is cleaner and stands upright rather than tilted forward or backward.   ▪ “Bitcoin SV” characters also stand upright. ▪ “Bitcoin” begins with a capital B, rather than lower case. ▪ “SV” appears in superscript – reflecting Satoshi Vision as the way forward, while keeping emphasis on the name Bitcoin.   ▪ The design color uses “dragon gold,” honouring the dragon logo of the Bitcoin SV full–node implementation which birthed BSV.

The logo was chosen after three Twitter polls of numerous design options developed by the bCommAssociation.

The polls went hand in hand with several other supporters in the ecosystem designing and providing matching contributions. For example, check out an entire branding guide and collection by user “tommy sv,” offering BSV backgrounds, headers, and profile pictures.

The Bitcoin SV Node is now the reference implementation for the BSV protocol.  To differentiate the full–node implementation from the BSV cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin SV Node team at nChain intends to keep its dragon logo for the time being. 


Applications & Services

Bitcoin Plays Pokemon!

An application that will make you chuckle!  Bitcoin Plays Pokemon demonstrates the power, efficiency, and speed of the Bitcoin SV blockchain by using the Money Button to charge a micropayment for every move in a Pokémon game. On the site, the provider explains:

“Swipe a MoneyButton to make a move!

All moves cost 1/10th of a penny and are considered a donation to the site.

The stream is about 6 seconds behind but the move will be displayed to the right instantly.”

Gamification at new levels—the BSV level!

A blockchain-explorer interface that allows users to view or write messages on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, including pictures.  It has announced its official stance regarding the future of Bitcoin by posting on its website:

“2018 Bitcoin SV Roadmap has our full support.

2018 Bitcoin ABC Roadmap is unacceptable.”

A social media platform by “Whiterab.bit,” it is dedicated to sharing developments on the Bitcoin SV chain.


As we have previously summarized, numerous wallets have announced exclusive support for BSV –  CashPay, CentbeeHandCashhivr, Pixel Wallet, and more.

Recently, we also learned of, a fun and open-source JavaScript Bitcoin wallet generator—creating a pseudorandom wallet by typing in letters in a textbox or moving your mouse cursor around.

Developer Tools

The Bitcoin developer community is rapidly creating more tools for BSV which help power user-friendly Bitcoin applications. New tools include:


With a focus on severe simplicity (a rare treat in the ecosystem), infamous Bitcoin contributor “unwriter” has released Datapay, a fork of his previously developed Datacash. It is an open-source JavaScript library—powered by Money Button’s bsv library—that allows writing data onto the Bitcoin SV blockchain in mere 4 steps. In his announcing Tweets, “unwriter” explains:

Datapay is unique in that it’s probably the only Bitcoin library that implements simple declarative programming.

Because of this declarative nature, for example you can implement language agnostic Microservices like BitShovel, by @dfoderick

Awesome Bitcoin SV

Similar to, Awesome Bitcoin SV by “monkeylord” offers a repository to keep track of useful Bitcoin services, applications, and tools for software developers.


A tool that allows Electron Cash’s encrypting and decrypting of messages in JavaScript on the BSV blockchain. Like Datapay, it is yet another application powered by Money Button’s bsv library. ECIES creator “monkeylord” explains that it “may be useful in data cash.”


We like WhatsOnChain’s new look!  It shows mined blocks visually and other blockchain data in more user-friendly visual formats.

BSV Testnet Explorer

Maintained by the same developers of WhatsOnChain, provides Bitcoin-application developers with a testnet BSV explorer—allowing them to view transaction propagation in a testing environment.

Blockchain explorers help power Bitcoin applications, such as the popular explorer offered by Blockchair, which announced support for BSV.

New Visions for Bitcoin – from Dr. Craig S. Wright

nChain’s Chief Scientist Dr. Craig S. Wright has started a new series on his Medium account, to begin revealing new applications and uses for Bitcoin (only possible on Bitcoin SV, because they use nChain intellectual property).  In the powerful series, he plans to share his ideas about and expertise on new ground-breaking applications and services that the Bitcoin SV blockchain enables.

Wright’s first entry in the series is entitled “An immutable file and data store,” and focused on advanced file-storage solutions using the Bitcoin SV blockchain as their backend. The proposed solutions offer similar functionalities to Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive, yet because of the security and efficiency of the Bitcoin SV blockchain, a more complete yet user-friendly service can be offered: 1. Because each file is secured in a new transaction, the security breach of one file does not affect the security of other files held in the same organised drive (because they are essentially separate). 2. Enabling cross-platform capability, since the same file is stored on the same secure blockchain (BSV); which one can think of as sharing one file on Google Drive with a user on Dropbox, for example, seamlessly and without the need to duplicate the file oraffecting the file path. 3. File authorisation can be organised in a hierarchical key structure, where the user keeps his privacy and complete control of his files—sharing merely what he needs to share for effective security. 4. Because storage is secured through a new key pair (a common secret) for every transaction (and therefore file), we are no longer required to use passwords; instead, a security device such as a smartphone can be used, allowing both greater security and ease of use.

To build such an immutable, efficient, yet user-friendly file-storage solution (“MetaDrive” or “bDrive”—you name it), see a more detailed and technical elaboration in Craig Wright’s article here.

Satoshi Shout-Out

A special “Satoshi Shout-Out” goes out to White Mountain Vinyl (WMV), which started accepting BSV for payments.   WMV makes and sells vinyl decals and signs.  It explained on its website:

“With Bitcoin SV (Satoshi’s Vision), we have a stable, enterprise-grade, bitcoin protocol implementation that is built to handle transactions, fast and inexpensively and we are excited to offer this option to our customers!

This payment option is already integrated it into our online payment system and because we will not have to pay the transaction fees associated with credit cards, or paypal payments, we are pleased to offer you a 10% discount off your total order by choosing the Bitcoin SV option during checkout! No coupon needed!

To further celebrate the event, we are offering limited-edition Bitcoin SV decals. Show your love and support for Bitcoin SV by showcasing this decal proudly for the world to see!”

Among its many products, WMV sells Bitcoin SV accepted here decals, using the newly-revealed Bitcoin SV logo recommended by the bComm Association.

The decals are easy for merchants to use as signs to announce they accept BSV for payments.  View and order them here.

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