Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – Jan 16, 2019

Along with scaling capacities, the Bitcoin SV ecosystem continues to grow at a rapid pace.  In our weekly post, we provide a summary of some of the past week’s developments from around the world.

Today’s special “Satoshi Shout-Out” goes out to hivr; the social network built around a BSV wallet is sponsoring “one of the biggest #esport events in Thailand,” further explaining:

We decided to add #BitcoinSV #BSV as an official sponsor. We will push BitcoinSV in our native country (Thailand) in every way we can this year #ADOPTION

eSport and Bitcoin make a natural combination, so a shout-out to hivr for using theopportunity to push adoption in Thailand!   Working together across the world, we are bringing the Satoshi Vision to life — to create the world’s new money and the global public ledger for the world’s enterprises.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President, bComm Association

& your friendly BSV Global Ambassador


As we have previously summarized, numerous wallets have announced exclusive support for BSV –  CashPay, CentbeeHandCashhivr, Pixel Wallet, and more. Last week’s further progress includes:

ElectrumSV – considered one of the top Bitcoin wallets because of its strong technical feature set, key developers from the Electrum wallet project (and its spin-off Electron Cash for BCH) have released a BSV version in the form of ElectrumSV. Given that there are already strong BSV mobile wallets, ElectrumSV will focus on being a desktop wallet.  Version 1.0.0 is available for download at, and is provided for free usage under the open–source MIT license.  ElectrumSV is supported by the bComm Association and nChain.  Read the bComm Association’s official announcement here.

HandCash – the user-friendly mobile wallet (the one with the easy-to-use $handles) has announced a major update for its Android application. On Twitter, the team shares:

Android 1.3 update for next week:

–​Deep wallet (internals) redesign, moving away from SPV.

– ​Drastic improvements in speed and reliability, fixing all problems when displaying certain transactions

–​Drastic reduction of recovery time – from minutes to seconds.

–​Payment requests adapted to the new standard “bitcoin:?sv”

–​The update will automatically restore your wallet so everything is migrated to the new structure, it will just take a few seconds.

Coinomi – the multi-coin wallet supporting BSV has released its desktop application. In the email announcement, the team explains:

Beside your native Android and iOS support, your coin is included in our latest Desktop release for Windows, Linux, and Mac. (…)

We value the coins in our ecosystem and we want to also share the good news that historical features and more exchange options are coming to the application very soon making it easier for users to interact with your coin.


Exchanges are a useful on-ramp service that enables users to purchase and trade BSV, which they can then use to facilitate transactions on the BSV blockchain that benefit their everyday lives.  More than 70 exchanges now list BSV, including some of the biggest global exchange services such as, or

Last week’s new entry is from  Similar in function to the exchange service, SideShift allows users to exchange other cryptocurrencies for BSV, without some of the requirements needed to register for a fiat-to-cryptocurrency exchange.

To see all major exchanges that list BSV, visit CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko.

Developer Tools

The Bitcoin developer community is rapidly creating more tools for BSV which help power user-friendly Bitcoin applications. New developments include:

Money Button – the powerful and easy-to-use tool enabling and backing several other Bitcoin applications, such as Datapay and ECIES, has released an update allowing bigger blocks(such as the record-setting 103MB block mined on BSV on January 3) to be processed even faster:

Our new monitor is now live! We can process the 103 MB block in about 40 seconds instead of 1 hour. In theory we can go up to about ~ 1 GB blocks without user experience being impacted. Do we have any remaining scaling issues? Bring on the next stress test!

BitIndex – a developer tool powering other useful Bitcoin applications; services include a UTXO database, a wallet manager, and a blockchain API. The announcing tweet describes the tool as follows:

BitIndex API is now public for #Bitcoin #SatoshiVision developers.

Build your app faster and spend less time managing UTXOs and Wallets for Bitcoin.

Real-time UTXO database, manage wallets (XPUB suppport) and blockchain API.

Get your API key at

Bitcoin SV Payments for WooCommerce – a tool that enables payments in Bitcoin SV for physical and digital products at a WooCommerce-powered store. As the developer resource centre BSV/DEVS shared on Twitter:

A new payment processor option has been added to

Bitcoin SV Payments for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to accept payments in Bitcoin SV for physical and digital products at your WooCommerce-powered store.

Applications & Services

Fivebucks – the team behind the global freelance marketplace summarized in a tweet the significant progress it has made, in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Bitcoin genesis block:

Happy 10 years Bitcoiners! ?

These days Fivebucks hit some small but important milestones: 500 listings, 1k freelancers, 200 completed jobs

We’re only scratching the surface but some REAL deals have emerged. Thanks to BSV, Fivebucks is already delivering #BCONVENIENCE┗(°0°)┛ – “ now has SV block explorer links!” is the announcement from, allowing users to view transactions made on the popular blockchain-powered social media platform in a BSV explorer; directly linked blockchain explorers currently include,, and

BSV-powered Passports – New Visions for Bitcoin from Dr. Craig S. Wright

nChain’s Chief Scientist Dr. Craig S. Wright has continued with his weekly series on his Medium account, revealing new applications and uses for Bitcoin (possible exclusively on Bitcoin SV, because they use nChain intellectual property).  In the powerful series, Wright shares his ideas about and expertise on new ground-breaking applications and services—made possible on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Wright’s second entry in the series is entitled “Smart-card-based mobile wallets,” and focuses on the use of electronic cards (“smart cards”) to facilitate secure, feasible, yet user-friendly system authentication through a Bitcoin (SV) wallet. The application is an enhanced application of nChain’s patent innovation for “Security through a Personal Device and Determined Common Secret,” which through the use of a biometric (think fingerprints) smart card allows for greater ease of use and security in passports / personal identification cards, communication channels, payments, or file encryption.

Businesses and institutions offering identification services can save costs by gaining in reliability, security, and speed.

New possibilities are becoming feasible because of the efficient and secure database that Bitcoin SV provides; and the integrated use of BSV transactions allows direct and efficientmonetisation.

The technology can be implemented in a smart card, but also a smart watch, or even as a direct integration into one’s passport.

Read more about the invention in our blog summary here.

OR implement the new BSV-powered identification system (the “BSV Pass,” “bID,” or “bCard”—you name it), and follow more exciting new applications and solutions by reading Craig Wright’s entry here.

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