Bitcoin SV (BSV) Weekly – Dec 19, 2018

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is rebirth of the original Bitcoin, designed to preserve Bitcoin’s fundamental design and fulfil the Satoshi Vision .  BSV provides the enterprise-friendly blockchain – with a stable, scalable, secure, and regulation-friendly platform for businesses to confidently build upon.

In just one month since it emerged, the BSV ecosystem has quickly grown.  Numerous Bitcoin applications and services have declared #WeChooseSV – by adding support for BSV, and in many cases, moving exclusively to BSV.

To track this progress the bComm Association is launching this BSV Weekly update.  Join us on this exciting journey to make BSV the world’s new money and the global public ledger for the world’s enterprises.  Together, let’s bring to life the Satoshi Vision.

Jimmy Nguyen

Founding President, bComm Association

& your friendly BSV Global Ambassador


Since BSV emerged, several wallets have announced exclusive support for BSV.  In the past week, these include: ▪ Hivr – Hivr is a social network built around a BSV wallet, where users can post, like, or comment for free—without advertisements. The integrated wallet allows you to both spend and earn money for your content sharing. It recently announced that it will be running on Bitcoin SV going forward. ▪ – a cold-storage and web-wallet solution for safely storing and spending Bitcoin. The project recently announced that it will move from BTC to BSV before its release.

Before then, many of the top Bitcoin/Bitcoin Cash applications had already announced they are moving exclusively to BSV: ▪ Centbee – based in South Africa, a BSV-exclusive and user-friendly mobile wallet that allows transacting (and soon also chatting with ChatPay) on the Bitcoin SV blockchain through the mere use of mobile phone numbers. ▪ HandCash – based in Spain, another BSV exclusive, and one of the easiest-to-use mobile wallets out there.  All you need for transacting is a unique $handle, as easy to remember as a user name (so you do not need to deal with long, clumsy Bitcoin addresses). HandCash also enables businesses to easily integrate BSV payments into their applications and games by using its tool CashPort.  For example, check out Keyport.TV, and earn BSV directly by creating video content, or simply go and watch. ▪ CashPay Wallet – a BSV-exclusive and user-friendly wallet that allows the purchase of any Amazon product through the in-app tool ▪ Pixel Wallet – a first of its kind and one of the most fun wallets, PixelWallet allows you to encrypt and send Bitcoin transactions through a picture file. This means that you can send BSV with any application for sending images: MMS, WhatsApp, WeChat, and more. ▪ Simply Cash – a BSV-exclusive and user-friendly wallet for simple transactions.

In addition, many multi-coin wallet applications have added support for Bitcoin SV: ▪ Atomic walletBitpieCoinomiEdgeGuardaHodler Tech


Nearly 50 exchanges now list BSV.  These include some of the biggest global exchanges, such as Binance,, and Huobi.

Recently, and SimpleSwap joined the list by adding BSV support.

Applications & ServicesBitstocks – the London-based cryptocurrency market advisory and investment firm.  In a ground-breaking move, has announced Gravity –  a comprehensive Bitcoin banking ecosystem all in a single app. Services will include OTC trading, advisory services, lending, merchant services, purchasing derivates, and simply storing and spending your BSV. To be launched in the first half of 2019, Gravity will become the first fully transparent banking platform – using BSV as its base currency. ▪ – the popular blockchain-powered social messaging service now also operates on Bitcoin SV. Users can post, comment, or like posts, which are stored in OP_RETURN field.  In addition, users can now search for content on Memo using Search BSV. ▪ POP! – POP! (by HandCash) allows merchants to easily accept BSV payments with a point-of-sale handheld device, which integrates with Pop!  HandCash recently showed the usefulness and speed of its integrated solution in this video here. ▪ BCB ATM – a digital ATM machine offers easy offline and instantaneous buys of BSV.

Blockchain Explorers

Last week, the popular block explorer Blockchair launched a new Bitcoin SV explorer.  It announced the move with a tweet declaring that “[we] are launching a Bitcoin SV explorer – the most powerful out there!”

Blockchair joins many other BSV explorers that emerged quickly, including:,,,, Bitcoin Cash SV Explorer, Bitcoin SV Explorer, and BSV Explorer.[/vc_column_text]

Developer Tools

The Bitcoin developer community is rapidly creating more tools for BSV.  These include: ▪ BitDB – “an autonomous database that continuously synchronizes itself with Bitcoin” created by respected independent Bitcoin developer “unwriter.”  BitDB helps power other Bitcoin applications, such the and search engines for the Bitcoin SV blockchain.  Unwriter captured attention by writing a powerful Medium blog post on why the developer now chooses to build projects exclusively on Bitcoin SV. Read Unwriter’s statement and reasons for choosing SV here. ▪ bsv – a Javascript Bitcoin library for Bitcoin SV created by Money Button. bsv provides a library for cryptography, key management, and transaction building on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. It is based on bitcore-lib-cash, which itself is a fork of bitcore-lib. Because BitPay does not currently maintain a javascript library for Bitcoin SV, Money Button decided to maintain the library itself for the Bitcoin SV community. bsv is nearly equivalent to bitcore-lib-cash, except that it defaults to the original Bitcoin address format. ▪ – a developer resource centre which compiles Bitcoin SV tools.  Eli Afram described the new site in a recent tweet: enables the community to share developer tools, APIs, interesting projects, wallets, and more. Adding your project is easy.

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